Seeker Wireless Win Bid to Implement Cross-Operator LBS Platform
Another recent client win for Seeker Wireless.

Seeker Wireless has won a bid to implement a cross-Operator LBS platform. The installation will be centrally hosted by one Operator, but also used by other Operators in different countries. This ability to deliver multi-carrier operation is a breakthrough capability of the SeekerLocate Platform, and allows rapid implementation and cost-effective operation. The hybrid location platform seamlessly supports SIM, handset, Wi-Fi, and network-based location, thus providing the best possible performance for any particular application across all handsets. The platform also supports Seeker’s world-leading zone detection technology making it ideal for scalable geo-fencing.
The platform supports a range of attractive applications, including:

SeekerSearch: For MNOs looking to capture a greater share of the mobile local search market, SeekerSearch™ is the answer: efficient, interactive local search functionality that works on nearly all handsets.

SeekerMinder: The intuitive, fully-featured and easy to deploy family minder application that enables quick and easy subscription revenue opportunities for Operators.

SeekerAdz: The Location Based Mobile Advertising solution that offers Operators a vast array of new geo-targeted inventory, mass market coverage, and significantly increased advertising margins. The platform is ideal for scalable geo-targeted advertising.

The CEO of Seeker Wireless, Dr. Christopher Drane, said “This multi-Operator mode of operation is well suited to Operator groups that want to implement group-wide location applications in a cost effective manner.“ More information available at


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