ProNav Adds New Features for HGV Navigation
The new ProNav PNN300 includes dynamic ETA using real-time floating vehicle data from Journey Dynamics.
Hauliers, fleet management, and independent drivers of large vehicles can now experience true cost-saving advantages by using the new ProNav PNN300, incorporating the new ProNav Dimension software. The first HGV navigation system to incorporate London ‘Lorry Ban’ road data, the PNN300 will help operators keep to permitted roads, and with UK wide historic HGV traffic data, will provide more accurate journey times and estimated times of arrival, ensuring drivers don’t miss delivery windows or over-run on their driver hours.

Currently getting caught on an excluded road at restricted times in London can be an expensive business, with fines of up to £550 for hauliers and £120 for drivers. The ProNav PNN300 is the first navigation system to incorporate time-based restriction data, providing vehicle specific routes avoiding the overnight or weekend HGV restrictions, also offering preferred routing and re-routing for the ‘Lorry Ban’ roads (Excluded Route Network - ERN). Such critical route data will help keep HGV’s on the permitted roads when travelling around London, making sure hauliers and drivers avoid those heavy penalties for route contraventions.

The ProNav PNN300 also incorporates another truck navigation ‘market first’ which is its ‘Dynamic ETA’ feature. Historically truck navigation systems have provided relatively inaccurate, unreliable journey times for delivery estimated times of arrival (ETAs). Using historic traffic information sourced from real-time floating vehicle data, the PNN300 can analyse the day and time of travel and calculate an accurate ETA based on actual HGV traffic speeds at that time. For example, a journey on the M25 during Monday morning’s rush hour will provide a much longer ETA than exactly the same journey conducted during lunchtime. For the first time, this service will provide drivers with reliable, mission critical journey time information to hit delivery windows and plan journeys to fit better around their time on the road.

Unique ProNav PNN300 features include:

1. Dynamic ETA using real-time floating vehicle data from Journey Dynamics helping provide better fuel efficiency and improved time and journey management
2. ERN data for haulage companies and professional drivers to circumnavigate route restrictions such as the London Lorry Control Scheme during controlled hours
3. Navevo’s new ProNav Dimension software for fast calculation of routes incorporating NAVTEQ Transport data covering height, weight, width and HAZMAT restrictions to optimise your routes across the UK
4. Exclusive point of interest data such as London loading bays, as well as HGV petrol stations and truck stops

Other ProNav Dimension software features include hazard warnings for steep hills, crosswinds, risk of grounding and sharp bends; text to speech that provides clear voice instructions including local road names; and audible and visual warnings of fixed safety cameras. The PNN300 also features a new slim-line hardware design, with a large 5 inch touch screen, Bluetooth hands-free and an FM transmitter making turn-by-turn voice instructions clearly audible on the vehicle’s in-cab radio.
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