Mapmaker AND and Navmii Introduce iPhone Navigation for Denmark, Italy and Sweden
Three months after launch Navmii GPS Live has already had 50,000 downloads.
AND Automotive Navigation Data introduces together with the British Navmii three new countries for turn-by-turn navigation on the iPhone. After the successful launch of GPS Navmii Live for the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland , Belgium and Luxembourg the application is now also available for Denmark, Italy and Sweden through iTunes.

Three months after launching the application in iTunes Navmii GPS Live has already been downloaded more than 50,000 times. The successful navigation app reached the number 1 position for paid navigation apps in France, the Netherlands and Spain and is very successful in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

AND introduced the navigation for the iPhone with the English Navmii for the breakthrough price of € 3.99 per country. The application is available under the Navmii GPS Live brand and turn-by-turn navigation is now available in ten Western European countries.

AND is the third largest supplier in its market, but the only independent one. Strengthened by its success to date, the company will continue to focus on creating long-term value for shareholders by providing digital maps for location-based services. The company focuses on the further development of its database to position itself even more effectively in the market.
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