NAVTEQ Trials Location-Based Advertising with Exciting Results
NAVTEQ and Best Western announce results from location-based mobile advertising campaign in Germany.
The NAVTEQ Media Solutions group has provided advertising services since 2006. In early 2009, the company launched NAVTEQ LocationPoint Advertising, a mobile location-based advertising service. NAVTEQ LocationPoint offers developers of location aware applications a turnkey solution for subsidising applications and premium content. LocationPoint Advertising has been available for some time in the US and is now being deployed in trials in parts of Europe.

NAVTEQ has announced the results of its first location-based mobile ad services campaign in Germany. That campaign featured ads from global hotelier Best Western delivered to German consumers using Nokia Ovi Map-enabled smartphones. NAVTEQ’s LocationPoint Advertising leverages NAVTEQ’s location content and capabilities to pinpoint where mobile consumers are, deliver ads and calls to action within proximity to advertised points of purchase and guide them to the merchants. Built-in calls to action including click-to-call, click-to-web and click-to-map encourage consumer engagement with ads and drive traffic to advertised locations.

The exclusive advertiser in the month-long location-based campaign featured Best Western ads sent to on-the-go consumers of Nokia Ovi Map-enabled phones as they approached one of Best Western’s 180 properties throughout Germany. The ads enticed consumers with an offer to receive 30 percent discounts when those users booked early at a Best Western property. The campaign garnered a click-through rate of 1.44 percent. Fifteen percent of all consumers who clicked on the initial ad requested mapping information to the local Best Western property.

In April 2010, NAVTEQ announced the results of its first location targeted campaign in Europe by a global brand advertiser, McDonald’s. The campaign delivered mobile ads to users of Nokia Ovi Maps when they were within five miles of any of McDonald’s 82 restaurants in Finland. The campaign, which promoted a McDonald’s cheese burger for € 1 resulted in a 7 percent click-thru rate. Of users who clicked through, 39 percent selected the click-to-navigate option to navigate to the nearest McDonald’s location.
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