WaveMarket Has Become Location Labs
New name and launches new features for its Location-as-a-Services platform.
On June 21, 2010, WaveMarket announced its new name – Location Labs – and the launch of new features for its Location-as-a-Service platform. Developers are already using Location Labs’ services to build and enhance applications with location in a number of segments such as social networking, gaming, marketing and logistics. The platform currently enables access to location data from AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile in the US. Access to Location Lab’s Location-as-a-Service Platform is currently in private beta and is available by invitation. Public availability of the platform is expected in Q3-2010. Moreover, Location Labs continues to offer its WaveMarket products including the family finder services sold by AT&T, Sprint, Bell and Vivo.

The Location Labs Platform includes the following services for developers:

* Geofencing Service: Allows developers to leverage background processing on smartphones to create location-based triggers for applications. For example, developers can create a Geofence around a favourite place and automatically “check-in” subscribers when they enter the place.

* Universal Location Service: Allows developers to locate over 180 million handsets in real time through a cloud-based API. The service can locate all types of devices, both smartphones and featurephones. The end user does not need to download any software.

* Location Privacy Service: Provides developers a set of user interface widgets that let the user control how location is shared. The Privacy Service lets the user opt in or out of location sharing via SMS, mobile web or web portal.
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