Creativity Software Deploys Enterprise Location Services in Mexico
The service is launched with Telefόnica Movistar and service provider eTrack360.
Creativity Software has announced a partnership with Telefόnica Movistar for the launch of enterprise location services in Mexico. The service is to be operated and supported by their local partner, eTrack360.

The location-based services are aimed at all enterprises that can benefit from knowing the historical and present position of their mobile resources - vehicles and staff.

The initial launch features a vehicle tracking service using GPS terminals installed in the vehicles. The service allows enterprises to locate and track a fleet of vehicles in real time and to view or export historical data showing the movement of the vehicles. Alerts based on comprehensive rules allow managers and supervisors to manage their resources more efficiently, for example using features such as geo-fences, co-proximity between vehicles or idle thresholds, among others. Similarly, the system allows drivers to trigger an alarm when the panic button is pressed.

Creativity Software have also announced plans to add personal location towards the end of the summer. This service will be based on specialised GPS tracking devices (featuring panic button) and the location of regular GPS phones, starting with Blackberry.

“We are delighted with the launch of these location services in Mexico. Any company looking to improve their competitiveness in the market by improving operational efficiencies, increasing staff productivity, reducing costs or increasing customer care should consider the services we are launching with our partners”, said Saul Olivares, Market Development Director of Creativity Software. Adrian Salinas, Director of eTrack360 added: “There is clear evidence that the market in Mexico is in need of reliable, affordable services such as these. Using Creativity Software’s robust platform, plus the fact that our service is backed by the trusted brand Movistar, will no doubt give enterprises good reason to try our service.”
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