3Sweden Introduces New Premium Turn-by-Turn Navigation Solution Powered by TCS
Customizable 3Navigator Application Enables Users to Search, Discover and Explore.

TCS has announced that they will be powering 3Navigator by 3 in Sweden, a new voice guided turn-by-turn navigation solution that gives 3Sweden users access to their own unique mobile navigation application. The application comes with premium search features, a unique user interface and automatic map updates that will ensure all 3Navigator users receive accurate and up-to-date information.

3Navigator will be available across all major device platforms available to 3Sweden users including Android, Java, Windows and Symbian. 3Navigator offers dynamic, real-time content including real-time traffic data, making the service available to any 3Sweden customer looking for a premium navigation solution.

"We had a very specific vision about the kind of navigation experience we want on 3Sweden devices, and after surveying the industry, we decided that the only way to bring our vision to life was to create our own solution," said Per Schelin, Head of Products and Services at 3Sweden. "We are excited to bring 3Navigator to consumers, and are confident that 3Sweden users will proudly be able to say they have one of the top navigation solutions on the market."

3Navigator is designed to have three main features that make the app stand out in an increasingly crowded navigation marketplace, including:

Search - 3Navigator users can search for anything from movies around town to a 1-week forecast of the local weather. When searching for a specific destination, users have the option to search by intersection, postal code, phone book, or location name. Favorite destinations and recent searches are all saved in order to maximize efficiency.

Unique UI - The 3Navigator UI is designed to encourage users to utilize all of the different features of the app. The "Business Finder" points out unique POIs and allows users to easily search for additional information, while the "Place Messaging" feature on the maps screen allows users to send location specific messages to one another.

Customization - 3Navigator allows users to pre-set favorite locations on the map for easy access to all of their favorite spots. Users can also choose to view maps in 2D or 3D, receive personalized trip summaries, and access numerous other features that will let them enjoy the navigation experience in the way best suited for their personal taste.

3Navigator is powered by TCS, a leader in location-based technology whose mobile services empower consumers to make quick, smart decisions when they're on the go. In 2009, TCS acquired turn-by-turn navigation pioneer Networks In Motion, which powered numerous award-winning branded and white label turn-by-turn navigation apps.

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