Tele Atlas Selected to Power Telogis Solutions Worldwide
Tele Atlas digital maps and content enhances Telogis GeoBase solutions.
Tele Atlas and Telogis have announced an agreement whereby Telogis’ geospatial platform will leverage Tele Atlas MultiNet and Tele Atlas Logistics databases. Through the agreement, Telogis will incorporate Tele Atlas digital maps and content to provide more accurate navigation, routing, location information and vehicle tracking solutions. The same Tele Atlas maps of North America that will power these solutions were recently rated highest for quality and reliability in certified tests. Together, the companies will help enterprises streamline driving routes and decrease time and gas-wasting practices, including identifying and avoiding left-hand turns, traffic-clogged routes, and rerouting to comply with vehicle-related restrictions.

Telogis GeoBase is an enterprise software development tool that provides critical location functionality to enterprise software packages. In addition to its core functions of mapping, routing, geocoding, reverse geocoding and navigation, Telogis GeoBase provides unique methods that enable real-time routing and scheduling, in both back-office fleet management environments and via on-board or handheld devices.

“Our enterprise customers rely on Telogis solutions to ensure their fleets and mobile resources are leveraged most efficiently, both in terms of time and cost, and at the core of these solutions is powerful digital map data and location information,” said Newth Morris, President of Telogis GeoBase. “We are pleased to work with Tele Atlas to provide our customers with geospatial solutions that improve the management of their mobile resources and field service operations. Telogis solutions offer customers the flexibility to work with premium data providers, globally, evidenced by this expanded agreement with a valued partner.”

Commercial vehicles face a number of road restrictions based on their height, length, weight, number of axles and cargo type, including hazardous materials. Tele Atlas Logistics is a comprehensive digital map database designed specifically for fleet owners and operators of large trucks and other road-restricted vehicles and the application developers serving this market. By incorporating information from Tele Atlas’ comprehensive global digital map database MultiNet and Tele Atlas Logistics, Telogis customers can enable their drivers and dispatchers to calculate the safest, most efficient and legally-compliant routes, while also reducing unnecessary risks and costs.
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