Vodafone Closes Its Navigation Company Wayfinder
Wayfinder was acquired in 2008 for 239 million SEK.

The introduction of free turn-by-turn navigation services from Google and Nokia has completely turned the sector on its head, according to Vodafone. Vodafone acquired Wayfinder in 2008 and the initial goal was to develop a suite of new location-aware products and services, according to Vodafone. This scenario quickly changed and Vodafone now states that from a commercial point of view, it is no longer viable for Vodafone to continue to operate and develop its own products. Vodafone has no plans to use existing Wayfinder products in the future. Instead, it will look to partner with other companies and offer navigation and location-based services. During a period of transition, existing Vodafone users will continue to find their way using Vodafone's Wayfinder-based products.

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