Seeker Wireless Win Bid to Implement Location Based Advertising in the Middle East
SeekerAdz adds the value of location to any channel such as messaging and mobile web.

Seeker Wireless has won a highly significant bid to deliver a Location Based Advertising system to one of the Middle East’s largest Mobile Operators. The project represents a key milestone in the global adoption of highly localised mobile advertising.

SeekerAdz increases the value of mass market mobile advertising services by enabling advertisements to be targeted based on the real-time location of subscribers. The location information can enhance the effectiveness of mobile advertising across a variety of channels, including messaging and mobile web, as well as ads delivered via mobile applications or on device portals. Using Seeker’s patented technology for zone detection, SeekerAdz enables mobile network operators to offer location-based mobile advertising, cost-effectively, in a broad range of contexts and services.

SeekerAdz seamlessly addresses the full range of geographic targeting resolutions from regional through citywide, suburb, square km, and down to shopping mall scales, and features a set of facilities for defining and managing location-based promotional campaigns. A flexible interface is provided for integration with mobile advertising platforms.

SeekerAdz utilizes highly sophisticated algorithms for statistical zone detection and zone generation, thus delivering much higher accuracy than standard Cell-ID based systems. This ensures that subscribers only receive ads that are truly relevant to their specific location. For the advertiser, this maximizes the relevance of ads and thus the conversion rates; for the Operator, SeekerAdz increases the volume of localized inventory available, at potentially greater rates due to the superior performance.

Chris Drane, CEO of Seeker Wireless said “This confirms that SeekerAdz leads the way for effective Location Based Advertising. I am excited to see the uniqueness of our zone detection technology recognized by a major mobile operator.”

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