Destinator 9 GPS Navigation Launched on the iPhone
Intrinsyc has made an effort to design the application for maximum iPhone look and feel.
Continuing the global expansion of Destinator GPS navigation software across geographic markets, smartphone application stores and mobile handset makers, Intrinsyc has launched its Destinator 9 application for the Apple iPhone in North America.

“Destinator 9 is a premier GPS app with an innovative set of features that makes your travels easier and less stressful while also delivering an element of fun and usability,” said Tracy Rees, president and CEO, Intrinsyc. “We designed our application to replicate the iPhone look and feel, so our customers aren’t just getting a PND product ported to the Apple iPhone, but an exceptionally well integrated navigation and location experience that is designed specifically for the iPhone user.”

At its core, Destinator 9 is a solid and reliable turn-by-turn navigation application featuring on-board NAVTEQ digital map data for the U.S. and Canada and a routing engine that exceeds performance benchmarks. In addition to a host of new features designed to get people to their destinations easily, quickly and safely, Destinator 9 takes the navigation experience to a new level by integrating more valuable features in the GPS application. Here are a few highlights – real-time traffic updates, highway junction views, integrated iPod controls, advanced text-to-speech, Google Local Search, live weather, NavStrip, and expanded POI listings. Destinator makes it easier to find what you need and get there with less effort and stress. Also, Destinator taps into the new wave of social mapping. What’s better than a feature to send your location or favorite POI to a friend? It’s the beginning of a social mapping revolution and Destinator is at the leading edge.

“Consumers increasingly expect their navigation solutions to do more than just give them turn-by-turn directions,” said Kush Parikh, senior vice president of business development, INRIX, “By making our traffic information a standard part of Destinator 9, customers will find the app to be a useful tool for navigating to unfamiliar places as well as saving time and reducing frustration on their travels every day.”

Destinator 9 is now available for download as a Free Application with a 30 day subscription to all turn-by-turn navigation features plus real time traffic is included with the download at no cost. This allows users to fully experience the unique features that make Destinator the best choice in turn-by-turn GPS navigation. A lifetime turn-by-turn navigation subscription is offered post the initial 30 day period for US$ 80 and includes on board maps of North America as well as real-time traffic for one year. Destinator 9 is now available at an introductory price of US$ 60 including one year of real-time traffic service if purchased within the first 10 days.
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