Appello Launches its Mobile Navigation Solution on iPhone
Wisepilot is the top turn-by-turn navigation solution at iPhone’s App Store in Austria two weeks after the release.

Wisepilot for iPhone was introduced with T-Mobile in Austria on January 16, 2010. The initial response has exceeded expectations and Wisepilot is now, less than one month after the release, the most downloaded turn-by-turn navigation application in Austria.

“Appello’s firm belief and strategy is that global technology and map data must be combined with the best local content such as directories, traffic information, speed cameras, guides,” says Martin Svensson, CEO at Appello. “We have concentrated on bringing Wisepilot to iPhone users on the local markets, where the daily use require local knowledge. The instant top ranking and reviews Wisepilot has received in Austria confirms our belief, and we will in the following months launch Wisepilot for iPhone on local markets in cooperation with our mobile operator partners”.

“We are glad that Wisepilot for iPhone has been greatly received by our customers”, says Mag. Maria Zesch, Head of Marketing at T-Mobile Austria. “Navigation is obviously a great additional value and we´re excited to be the first operator in Austria to offer a state of the art solution like Wisepilot for iPhone.”

Wisepilot for iPhone allows people to easily find their location and get where they want to go with turn-by-turn, voice-prompted navigation. The application is seamlessly integrated with iPhone's innovative multi-touch user interface, allowing users to easily map and navigate to addresses in their contact book, and even save and share searches and favourites with friends.

Wisepilot is a real-time, mobile navigation solution which allows a number of advantages in contrast to traditional on-board solutions, such as the capacity to deliver server based information for location search (yellow/white pages), points of interest, live traffic and other content in need of frequent updating. Wisepilot’s award-winning solution requires a surprisingly small amount of space on the iPhone handset since all of the complex calculations and map data are stored server-side. This enables simple and fast downloading as well as plenty of space left for other content. Maps and information sent to the handset are continuously updated. Furthermore, Wisepilot is able to offer global coverage, while at the same time being able to customize the navigation service to local need through the capability of integrating any local and premium content. This makes it possible for mobile operators to provide localized services, such as real-time traffic and speed camera alerts, as well as third party content including local restaurants, shops, and events. Wisepilot is developed to allow customized branding and full integration with operator billing systems, resulting in a rich navigation service which provides relevant and timely information to users while on the move.

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