GyPSii Adds 1M New Users in Last Quarter
Strategic media partnerships deliver advertising and content to GyPSii community.
GyPSii has kicked off 2010 in a strong position to grow market share and revenue by partnering with content partners to connect users to more content, together with targeted advertising and coupon promotions via mobile devices. GyPSii develops consumer digital lifestyle apps and drives the realization of the real-time mobile Internet, fusing real-world places with social media, enhancing the connections between people and places.

Already achieving steep user adoption rates over the last quarter by adding over 1 million new users, these content and advertising relationships will be key to driving even greater adoption among Chinese consumers in the coming months.

With over 800 million mobile subscribers nationwide and growing, China represents the single largest consumer advertising opportunity in the world. GyPSii’s technology is enabling businesses and marketers to deliver targeted advertising and promotional content to mobile users, based on factors such as location and user profile. The highly targeted ads and coupons result from GyPSii’s PlaceRank technology, which couples location and a user’s social graph and preferences to deliver an in-stream search-based ad or coupon, in real-time.

Now, thanks to a number of strategic partnerships with advertising networks in China, GyPSii has rolled out promotional offers to connect community members with high value content and location-based coupons. Messages and promotions are targeted using location, the user’s social graph and preferences, and reach consumers while they’re mobile and near point-of-sale opportunities. With the implementation of advertising and mobile coupons , GyPSii has delivered on a long-standing vision to connect people with the places and networks, while providing a strong consumer buying financial incentive that is non-obtrusive, driven by a user’s social-graph and location-based search queries.

Working with Shanghai coupon provider Kubang, GyPSii connects users with coupons for nearby restaurants that the user views alongside user-created content on the GyPSii network. If the user searches “food” for example they might receive a coupon for a nearby restaurant. This not only adds value to the user experience but also drives transaction and referrals for the restaurant on GyPSii.

GyPSii has also partnered with leading Chinese mobile advertising network MADhouse to help deliver inventory for major global and regional brands. GyPSii has other deals in place with Admob, search engine company Baidu, and CHANet, the leading mobile marketing affiliate network in China.

In addition, GyPSii continues to expand its extensive index of Points of Interest for GyPSii users to search and explore. Content relationships with 5757577 and Gudumani connect GyPSii users with new restaurant and dining POIs, Avantouch for theatre information and City8 for travel POI. This additional content enhances the GyPSii user experience, providing more information and greater choice for members to access and use on their mobile device.
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