NAVTEQ Enables NDrive’s New Mobile Navigation Systems
NDrive’s personal navigation software will be selling in more than 40 countries worldwide including Europe, United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico.
NAVTEQ has announced that it has been chosen as the preferred map provider for NDrive. NAVTEQ maps will be incorporated into NDrive’s personal navigation software selling in more than 40 countries worldwide including Europe, United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico.

NAVTEQ’s digital map database is trusted for quality and spanning 78 countries, it enables door-to-door directions throughout Europe and North America translated into 20 languages while providing up to 260 data attributes and millions of Points of Interest (POIs) from shopping venues to banks. It also provides the core innovation behind Location-Based Services applications that require accurate, rich and relevant content.

Through the NAVTEQ collaboration, NDrive provides highly accurate and detailed digital maps deploying advanced features such as dynamic data and turn-by-turn navigation. A powerful database at your fingertips, the service provides several language screen and voice commands as well as SMS location and speed limit alerts. In addition and dependent on the service provider or device, this functionality complements on-the-fly information such as real-time weather reports and accessibility to dynamic navigation information all with a “plug and play” and easy-to-use interface. It is multi-platform, running on Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, iPhone and Linux platforms and therefore is available on multiple mobile devices as well as on Windows CE for Portable Navigation Devices, Windows XP or Vista.

“The maps driving our NDrive portfolio are accurate and detailed thanks to the renowned quality of NAVTEQ maps. With NAVTEQ’s reputation and experience in digital mapping along with its worldwide coverage, we have a foundation offering both a sophisticated navigation experience for our users and an enhanced portfolio as we continue to rapidly expand our presence globally,” commented João Neto, President of NDrive.

“NAVTEQ is committed to providing maps that drive a mobile world; in fact, we estimate there are over 100 million uses of NAVTEQ data every day. We are proud to be working with nDrive to enhance the personal navigation experience for its customers,” adds Jeff Mize, executive vice president, global sales, NAVTEQ.
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