ESA signs major Galileo contracts
Signing of the first three contracts for the Galileo full operational capability phase marks the start of building the Galileo operational infrastructure.
In early January 2010, the European Commission announced the award of three of the six contracts for the procurement of Galileo’s initial operational capability, which is now scheduled for 2014. On 26 January 2010, the ESA – acting on behalf of the European Commission – signed the first three contracts for the Galileo full operational capability phase.

ThalesAleniaSpace was awarded the contract for system support services and the first order of 14 satellites was awarded to OHB System AG, while Arianespace received the contract for launch services. The remaining three procurement contracts, for the ground mission infrastructure, the ground control infrastructure and the operations should be awarded by mid-2010.

The Commission intends to use dual sourcing for satellites and signed a framework contract in December 2009 with both OHB System AG and EADS-Astrium GmBH for the provision of maximum 32 satellites. OHB System AG will deliver the first 14 satellites for a value of € 566 million. The remaining satellites will be procured in subsequent work orders from the company that provides the most advantageous offer. The contract with Arianespace covers the launch of five Soyuz launchers, each carrying two satellites. The first launch is scheduled for October 2012 and will be followed by four to five launches per year.
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