Nav4All navigation service discontinued
The company sends out unexpected message to its proposed 27.5 million users that the data licence agreement with Navteq was not extended.
Nav4all states in an email to its users dated January 28 "It is with the deepest regret that we hereby notify you that the global navigation of Nav4All and the Tracking & Tracing will go offline in 3 days. The reason for the same is that the data licence agreement with Navteq (a 100% Nokia subsidiary) was not extended, in a totally unexpected manner. It is not possible to implement data from another supplier in our Nav4All systems within the short term. The Nav4All navigation system was developed for Navteq data. Nav4All has therefore been constrained to stop."

It is clear that NAVTEQ seems to have restricted their terms and conditions following Nokia's release of free turn-by-turn navigation on their handsets. Market players such as Nav4all operating free mobile navigation solutions clearly do not easily fit into these new rules.
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