Spirent Introduces A-GLONASS Test Solution for Mobile Devices
Automated Test Solution Validates Performance of Both A-GLONASS and A-GPS Technologies in Mobile Devices.
Continuing on its path of innovation in LBS performance testing, Spirent Communications has introduced the industry’s first solution to test Assisted GLONASS (A-GLONASS) capability on UMTS mobile devices and chipsets. Supported on Spirent’s 8100 UMTS Location Technology Solution (ULTS), the new A-GLONASS testing capability gives early adopters of A-GLONASS a competitive edge by enabling the delivery of better-performing devices and improved user experiences.

The addition of A-GLONASS to the list of available LBS enabling technologies such as GPS is set to make a major impact on mobile device positioning in 2010 and beyond. GLONASS is a Russian navigation satellite system with recently-formalized open civilian access. Using both GPS and GLONASS offers a mobile device receiver almost twice the number of usable satellites in the sky compared with GPS alone. This can significantly improve the performance of location-based applications in challenging environments such as urban streets, where much of the sky can be obstructed and multiple signal reflections from tall buildings can confuse satellite receivers. Providing assistance data over the cellular network (A-GLONASS) further improves the speed and reliability of position fixes, in the same way as A-GPS.

A-GLONASS device testing on the 8100 ULTS is built upon the expertise gained from Spirent’s PLTS, which was introduced into the CDMA market in 2001 and ULTS, the first commercially-available UMTS A-GPS test system. Since then, most of the world’s largest network operators, together with all the major mobile device and A-GPS chipset manufacturers, have relied on the Spirent 8100 ULTS for design, test and certification of their LBS solutions.
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