Trimble Launches New Version of its Outdoor GPS Navigation
Outdoor enthusiasts can now use their Android Mobile Phones for navigation and capturing outdoor adventures.

Trimble is moving quickly to give Android phone users more innovative features with a new version of its Trimble Outdoors application for the Android Marketplace. The new version is the most complete and user-friendly navigation tool for outdoor enthusiasts to find their way, capture their excursions with multi-media, and share with others through the Trimble Outdoors community. In November, Trimble introduced its popular AllSport GPS application, a fitness application for mobile phones, for the Android platform.

The Trimble Outdoors application on the Android platform has new features that allow users to easily turn their mobile phones into complete, powerful GPS navigation units — no extra devices needed. Trimble Outdoors is the ultimate application for hiking, backpacking, fishing and other outdoor activities and has the following key new features:

* Best-of-class out-of-network GPS capability - Users can now count on having a digital guidebook of their content, including maps, photos, trip directions and other information, almost anywhere and even out of network. Trimble Outdoors helps users navigate their way on new excursions and gives superior tools to stay on track.

* Multi-media capability - User can journal activities by capturing pictures, videos, and voice recordings. Share the adventure with friends and family or with all users on the Trimble Outdoors Web site or using the Trimble Outdoors Facebook application.

* Easy user interface - From the weekend hiker to the avid backpacker, Trimble Outdoors on the Android platform is extremely easy to use. All activities and functionalities are activity-centric and designed to help users get started quickly.

* Online content - Users can directly access content from the trimble Web site right from the phone. Powerful search functions provide direct access to thousands of professionally edited adventures in the user's area or wherever their travels take them.

"It's been very exciting to incorporate our customers' feedback into this new Android version of Trimble Outdoors," said Larry Fox, director of business development for Trimble Outdoors. "We believe our existing and new users will love the cool features in this release and use their Android phones to navigate the outdoors and capture their journeys, whether it be a quick day hike or a cross country road trip."

Trimble Outdoors is available for download on Android devices through the Android Marketplace and Trimble Outdoors Web site. The application is available for one-time purchase at a cost of US$ 10 and is free for any existing Android user to upgrade.

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