Cirius launches AdLocal Platform
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Cirius USA has launched AdLocal - the world's first self-serve, location-based mobile advertising platform. The platform has emerged from Beta and offers a very user-friendly, Web-based interface for advertisers and publishers who want to manage their accounts and campaigns by themselves.

According to Cirius, AdLocal provides easy & affordable advertising solutions for local merchants to deliver their marketing communication more efficiently by pin-pointing a selected geographic region or market area e.g. target neighborhood of retail store where they want to show their ads. The platform leverages the popularity of iPhone, and Cirius has signed up several iPhone publishers with multiple applications. iPhone users using such applications in or near the location of advertisers in our network will be able to see highly relevant, hyper-local ads.

Speaking among his peers at the Plug & Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, California, the President of Cirius USA, Hiroshi Ogawa, said, "The mobile phone is recognized as a personal, highly interactive and measurable medium that has the potential power to deliver a marketing message more effectively – anytime, anywhere. Our mission is to provide the capability and opportunity for local businesses to take advantage of mobile as a new advertising medium, as they have done in the past with traditional advertising like local directories, local newspapers, flyers and billboards. Especially for small businesses that are short on money and sensitive to ROI, AdLocal is dedicated to providing easy and cost effective solutions to its advertisers."
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