Seeker Wireless delivers to M1 and Starhub
The two operators in Singapore preload local mobile directory and search services on new handsets.

Seeker Wireless has announced that two of Singapore’s largest mobile network operators, M1 and Starhub, are using its unique location-based technology to counter Google’s attempt to dominate the emerging mobile local search market.

M1 and Starhub, which together have more than 50 percent of Singapore’s post-paid mobile market, have recently commenced preloading Rednano LOCATE, Singapore’s first truly local mobile directory and search service which uses Seeker Wireless’s technology, onto new mobile handsets. It allows mobile users to access information about businesses, services, maps, traffic updates and more, in close proximity to their current location. The move by M1 and Starhub to deliver the service on new handsets is evidence of the growing momentum of mobile local search and the value of Seeker Wireless’s technology solution.

Adoption of Rednano LOCATE in Singapore is rapidly accelerating with other handset manufacturers such as BlackBerry jumping on board and preloading the application on their latest top-line mobile devices. In June this year, Seeker Wireless’s technology also received special recognition when Rednano LOCATE was honoured with a prestigious international award for consumer innovation.

Outside of Singapore, Seeker Wireless’s technology is adopted by mobile operators around the world because it offers a number of distinct advantages over other location-based technologies. Seeker Wireless offers the only location solution with almost immediate implementation, that can locate every handset with the highest possible accuracy, and a business model that enables a rapid ROI for Mobile Operators.

Dr Chris Drane, Seeker Wireless CEO said: “It is imperative that mobile operators seek out new ways to differentiate their services from others such as Google. Seeker Wireless helps them achieve this with rapid deployment of location technology that enables unique mobile search and advertising capabilities. We are very excited about the significant global opportunities for this Australian-developed technology.”

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