Tele Atlas Logistics Optimizes Fleet Planning and Routing in Europe
Major Truck Manufacturers Rely on Tele Atlas Logistics for Planning Optimal Routes.
Tele Atlas has introduced a new version of Tele Atlas Logistics in Europe with hazardous materials and truck speed limit content to enable optimal planning and routing for fleets. Tele Atlas Logistics, a specialized digital map database designed for fleet owners and operators who manage large trucks and other road-restricted vehicles, as well as application developers who serve this market, is available for 30 countries in Europe, and now also features coverage for Croatia and Romania. Tele Atlas Logistics supports short and long-distance transportation needs with consistent coverage and broad availability, including unparalleled coverage in Eastern Europe, which is a region experiencing considerable growth in the industry and in the fleet driver base.

Commercial vehicles face a number of road restrictions based on their height, length, weight, number of axles and cargo type, including hazardous materials. Tele Atlas Logistics takes into account these specific requirements of commercial vehicles when guiding drivers in unfamiliar surroundings. The specialized digital map database can help drivers and fleet operators better identify and avoid situations that may cause damage to the vehicle or infrastructure. When combined with the Tele Atlas MultiNet global digital map database, which features superior positional accuracy, comprehensive addressing, geocoding functionality and rich map display, Tele Atlas Logistics meets specific commercial vehicle telematics needs.

Jonathon Husby, Tele Atlas Vice President of Automotive, Transportation and Telematics explains: “Fleet operators are looking for more than just navigation with fuel economy, reduced vehicle emissions, safety and legal compliance all top-of-mind. Enriched Tele Atlas Logistics with information regarding hazardous materials restrictions and truck speed limits, as well as other unique Tele Atlas products such as Speed Profiles and HD Traffic, help fleet operators better manage their resources from the first to the last critical mile.”

Earlier this year, both Mercedes-Benz and Scania launched integrated truck navigation systems provided by Bosch Car MultiMedia, which are powered by Tele Atlas Logistics across Europe, marking the first “factory fitted” devices for truck specific navigation in Europe.
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