New TWIG Integrator Kit Now Available
Easy GPRS connection direct to customer server.
TWIG Mobile Telematics, a business of GeoSentric, has announced the availability of a new Integrator Kit for effective integration of TWIG GPS tracking devices to customer central station systems. Telematics functions supported by TWIG devices and integrator resources range from emergency messages and location requests to real time GPS tracking and over-the-air device management.

The TWIG Developer Kit comprises TWIG MPTP specification and TWIG GPRS Interface Module software. Technical support service is included to help customers with possible questions.

TWIG GPRS Interface is a software module installed in the customer central station server. TWIG GPRS Interface facilitates connecting TWIG devices directly to central station over GPRS bearer. TWIG GPRS Interface Module – software is available in PHP and Windows versions.

TWIG devices communicate with Central Station using MPTP protocol messages, defined in the MPTP specification document. MPTP is supported over SMS as well as GPRS bearers. The price of the TWIG Integrator Kit is € 495.
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