Metrico Wireless Expands Mobile Testing Services with A-GPS Performance Testing
New offering tests performance of technology behind Location-Based Services applications.
Wireless industry revenues for U.S. consumer location-based services are projected to surpass US$ 2 billion in the next four years. But carriers, manufacturers and application developers won't make a dime if they don't work. That's exactly why Metrico Wireless is adding Assisted GPS (A-GPS) performance testing services to its comprehensive wireless device testing service portfolio.

Crucial to the timely, accurate response required of E911 services, A-GPS is fast becoming the foundation on which many mobile applications and services, such as social media and location-based advertising, are being developed. The new A-GPS performance testing service complements Metrico’s audio and data testing to ensure that new devices get to market quickly and cost-effectively with the optimal user experience when the users turn them on for the first time.

"The cost to the wireless carrier to manage device testing on their own is exploding as the number of devices in the mobile ecosystem grows. For device manufacturers, the requirements to get new devices certified by major wireless carriers are also growing more complex. Carriers and manufacturers need a trusted partner with the experience and strong working industry relationships to help bring new devices to market, and are increasingly turning to Metrico to assist in these efforts,” said Des Owens, general manager, Metrico. “As a trusted partner, we need to evolve with the needs of the industry, and right now, A-GPS is at the core of many exciting mobile applications."

The Metrico A-GPS performance testing service is the latest in Metrico’s line of comprehensive wireless performance testing services, which provides analysis of user experience metrics such as audio, data, streaming video and location-based information. Specifically, Metrico’s A-GPS field team tests the accuracy and response time of the device to obtain GPS fixes for E911 and mobile application purposes. These tests are conducted in key markets nationwide.

"Field testing at the device level requires a high level of expertise and familiarity with the nationwide field testing process. A-GPS is no exception,” said Owens. “In partnering with Metrico, carriers and manufacturers worldwide don’t have to worry about the logistics and cost of dedicating internal resources to device testing. They can leave that to us, knowing it’s in the hands of people whose core business is mobile testing."
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