Tele Atlas Expands Coverage with Maps of Brunei and Philippines
Tele Atlas now covers 15 countries in Asia Pacific with 6.6 million kilometers of roadways and 8.5 million POIs.
Tele Atlas has unveiled its first maps for Brunei and the Philippines and announced increased coverage across Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Tele Atlas maps for Asia Pacific are now the most complete available, with navigable coverage of 15 countries and territories including more than 6.6 million kilometers of roadways and 8.5 million points of interest (POIs).

Tele Atlas maps for the Philippines cover more than 11 million inhabitants and offer over 10,000 POIs. The maps include coverage of nearly 10,000 kilometers of navigable roads, including fully attributed street network coverage of Manila. Tele Atlas maps of Brunei cover more than 2,700 kilometers of roadways, including complete street network coverage of the country.

Further building on its coverage lead in Southeast Asia, Tele Atlas navigable maps now include:

• Expanded coverage of Indonesia with 340,000 kilometers and more than 96,000 POIs, including detailed street network coverage in all major cities.

• Malaysia coverage with more than 32,000 POIs and 73,000 kilometers of roadways, including 10,000 new kilometers backed by Tele Atlas’ proprietary mobile mapping van technology.

• Thailand coverage of more than 765,000 kilometers and 476,000 POIs, marking an increase of more than 10,000 new POIs and more than 80 percent of fully attributable coverage.

• The addition of 110,000 kilometers and two million POIs in China, for a total of more than 2.1 million kilometers and 10 million POIs available for the country.

“We’re committed to rapidly expanding our Asia Pacific coverage in response to increased demand from global customers for highly detailed and accurate maps of all major countries,” said Rajive Chandra, Tele Atlas Director of Sales and Marketing, APAC. “With continued growth in the wireless and navigation markets across the region, high quality maps can help them deliver the rich and consistent features that their mobile users around the region have come to expect.”

The new Tele Atlas maps are immediately available to all Tele Atlas personal navigation, wireless, Internet, automotive and enterprise customers worldwide. The latest updates also include a range of Tele Atlas enhancement products such as 3D Landmarks, 2D City Maps and Digital Elevation Models, which give local search application users maps that more closely reflect their surroundings.

Tele Atlas currently offers maps of 94 countries around the world, including fully navigable maps of Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. The company will continue to expand its Asia Pacific offering in the future with additional map coverage in 2010.
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