Blue&Me – TomTom, the new integrated infotainment system is launched
The Fiat Punto Evo will be the first car model to offer Blue&Me - TomTom, with the solution later extended to other cars.
TomTom recently unveiled all details of the Blue&Me – TomTom, an integrated infotainment system with a portable navigation device co-developed with Fiat Group Automobiles. The Blue&Me – TomTom will deliver award-winning navigation technology to Fiat drivers by integrating it into multiple car models of Fiat Group Automobiles.

Developed to work seamlessly with the Blue&Me infotainment system, the device - thanks to the collaboration of Magneti Marelli that supported its integration - is an ideal addition to the dashboard and gives the driver even more from their navigation solution. As a result, it incorporates unique features designed to make the navigation experience simple, safe, effective and enjoyable.

* Steering wheel button control allows drivers to control the device without having to take their hands off the steering wheel.
* Hands-free calling means that users can operate their mobile phone via Blue&Me and the voice of the caller is transmitted via the car speakers.
* eco:Drive Info gives real-time information on driving style and suggestions for reducing environmental impact and optimising fuel consumption.
* Low fuel warning will show the driver the nearest petrol station when the Blue&Me system detects a low fuel level in the tank.
* Enhanced trip view gives drivers a clear view on all trip information, including average speed, fuel consumption and mileage driven at a glance.
* Specially-designed customisations, including start-up screen, Points of Interest, icons and menus. A special Points of Interest category shows petrol stations that offer natural gas.
* TomTom’s unique technologies, like IQ Routes™ to give drivers the confidence they have the fastest route, whatever the time or day.*

The device is integrated into the car through a dash dock, developed and produced by Magneti Marelli, which guarantees safety and stylish integration, and from which the device can be easily removed for use in other cars.

The Blue & Me – TomTom will offer maps of 45 European countries. It will be available in Q4 2009.

Users will be able to update their device regularly by connecting to a co-branded version of TomTom HOME desktop software. This will also give them the opportunity to get new maps and content, including voices, POI sets, splash screens and icons.
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