Tele Atlas HD Traffic Delivers New Standard in Real Time Traffic to Navigation and Location-Based Industries
Combines multiple sources to give detailed, live traffic information.
With congested roadways and ever-increasing travel times, mapping application users are seeking ways to save time and money getting to their destinations. Digital maps and dynamic content provider Tele Atlas can now help them more clearly see what’s ahead with Tele Atlas HD Traffic, a robust solution for navigation and location based solutions designed to find the quickest routes to destinations using “live” road conditions.

Tele Atlas HD Traffic sets a new standard for traffic solutions, which typically rely on a single data source to judge traffic conditions. Tele Atlas HD Traffic contains up-to-the-minute information from multiple data sources, including anonymous GPS measurements from personal navigation devices and mobile phone signals, road sensors and journalistic data. Using proprietary and tested methods, Tele Atlas dynamically merges this information and makes it available in real time to customers in the personal navigation, cell phone, fleet management, government and in-vehicle markets. When HD Traffic is added to a navigation solution, end users can be automatically rerouted around jams and potentially save time and money, minimize environmental impact, and enjoy a significantly improved navigation experience.

“Market research shows that consumers want traffic information, but the industry has been challenged to deliver a useful solution because it requires access to detailed, live traffic data,” said Rik Temmink, Vice President of Global Product Management, Tele Atlas. “Our offering uses a proprietary data fusing method, whereby we efficiently process large data sets from multiple sources, and thus can instantly deliver far more comprehensive and accurate views of the traffic situation.”

Tele Atlas HD Traffic can be efficiently delivered to any connected, mobile device and features:

* Delivery of “live” congestion information.

* Extremely accurate positioning of traffic jams.

* High update frequency, with fresh data delivered every three minutes.

* Road speeds, length and location data to deliver the complete picture of the traffic congestion.

* Content based on a proven approach to collecting, processing and distributing real-time traffic data.

“Traffic information is becoming a must-have navigation feature. HD Traffic, when combined with Tele Atlas Speed Profiles, enables us to deliver a much more complete picture of current driving situations based on both live traffic and historical speed information. With these solutions our industry partners can ultimately provide a truly powerful navigation experience,” commented Temmink.

HD Traffic is available immediately for Tele Atlas partners to incorporate into their applications and devices, with initial coverage available for Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland on approximately 90 percent of highways and major arterial roads.

Launched in November 2008 and updated regularly, Tele Atlas Speed Profiles provides highly accurate speed data to help navigation system users find the most optimal routes and far more accurately estimate travel times. Speed Profiles enables route calculations based on highly comprehensive historical travel time and measured speed information. Tele Atlas Speed Profiles is now available in 26 countries, covering 35 million kilometers of both directions of roads and features data derived from more than 700 billion speed measurements shared by consumers in 26 countries over the past two years.
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