TechnoCom Launches SpotOn GPS
SpotOn GPS is the first U.S. navigation and search application with fully-integrated mobile marketing & advertising.
TechnoCom Corporation announces SpotOn GPS, a mobile advertising and marketing content delivery platform that provides comprehensive turn-by-turn navigation, search and mapping. SpotOn GPS leverages advertising with the utility of navigation, one of the most popular mobile applications.

A hosted solution, SpotOn GPS delivers fully-customizable interactive and location-aware advertising, offers, coupons, and loyalty building promotional messages. It increases the effectiveness and reach of advertising and promotional messaging by presenting it to consumers at select times, in the right places, close to points of sale, enhancing the return on investment from mobile advertising dollars.

SpotOn GPS is based on a proven platform that has been white-labeled by leading international carriers and service providers including Bouygues France, Orange Israel, Vodafone Romania and Telegate Germany. SpotOn GPS addresses a wide range of end-users with access to international local search databases, and text and voice prompted instructions in some thirteen languages and more being added constantly.

Affinity groups, such as airline mileage rewards programs, shopping clubs or travel clubs, can offer search listings of their inventory, suppliers, and partners. For instance, a mileage program can list restaurants or hotels that offer their customers extra mileage incentives. The mileage program member may decide to view hotels on a map, receive coupons, offers and advertisements; click-to-call; connect to a website to see rates and book nights; and click-to-navigate to the business’s location.

SpotOn GPS has many other applications and use cases. For instance, a large retailer may brand the application to always show its locations on maps, provide special offers that are regionally or outlet-specific, highlight certain vendors, and display loyalty messages. Other customers, such as wireless operators, may opt for third-party advertisements that SpotOn GPS offers as a bundle.

A turn-key solution, SpotOn GPS is designed for fast deployment and easy operations, with service launch within sixty days of contract signing. The SpotOn GPS platform is tailored for delivery to U.S. customers by TechnoCom under license from LocatioNet, an innovative leader in mobile advertising and navigation applications for wireless carriers and service providers throughout the world.

Local search is provided by U.S., international and sponsored sources that link user search activities to revenue producing transactions. Worldwide rich mapping options include street maps, 3-D map views and satellite images. Location-specific traffic and weather are also offered. SpotOn GPS provides a number of flexible revenue models that can include subscriptions, premium content fees and advertising transaction fees.
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