WaveMarket and Millennial Media Announce Location-Aware Advertising Initiative
LBS-based advertising is gaining momentum providing significant opportunities for marketers worldwide.
WaveMarket and Millennial Media, the largest and fastest-growing mobile advertising network in the USA, has announced that the two companies are collaborating to deliver scalable location-based services to advertisers in 2009. The solution is being cheered by privacy advocates because it requires explicit end-user opt-in before Millennial Media can access the end user’s location — and the end user can revoke permission at any time.

Since their original deployment in 2007, Millennial Media’s unique identification capabilities have provided significant value to brand advertisers through frequency capping, which ensures that an advertiser’s potential reach is maximized without overexposing their desired audience. Adding the capability to locate a particular user where they are with “street corner” accuracy just adds another dimension to Millennial Media’s already powerful suite of targeting capabilities. In addition, with the integration of a trusted and secure platform such as Veriplace, consumers will know that their location will be protected and not misused in any such way. Furthermore, users will have the added value of obtaining contextually relevant advertising that will be the most meaningful and effective for both them and the advertiser.

Veriplace is based on the same commercially-proven security and privacy solutions used in WaveMarket’s industry-leading Family Locator products already available on tens of millions of mobile phones. It provides WAP, Web, SMS, widget and mobile application developers access to a user’s location — as long as the user grants access. The platform empowers the user by offering tools to protect his or her location data regardless of the technology used to locate them, while unlocking LBS opportunities for carriers and developers. Users are able to grant or revoke location permission at any time via the Veriplace website or mobile website, and they can view a complete history of which applications have located them at any time. As with all Veriplace application partners, the Millennial Media location-aware solutions will require that the user explicitly opt-in to sharing location data before accessing that user’s location.

“LBS-based advertising is gaining momentum providing significant opportunities for marketers worldwide,” said Mike Wehrs, CEO and president of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). “Our consumer best practices provide the industry with guidelines that promote the best possible consumer experience, ensuring the privacy of each opted-in individual. The MMA supports its members in the development of this maturing marketplace as it matures and becomes widespread.”

“Millennial Media is the largest mobile advertising network in the U.S. and a first-mover in LBS. But more than that, they share our vigilance in protecting users’ privacy while still providing contextually relevant advertising. We’re thrilled to have Millennial Media as an innovative Veriplace™ partner, embracing the Privacy and Security features of our location aggregation platform to revolutionize mobile advertising,” said Tasso Roumeliotis, WaveMarket CEO. “Veriplace empowers users with full control of their own privacy information and will help applications earn users’ trust. Millennial is an innovator in mobile advertising; a great example of that in an industry where other players may use less transparent mechanisms.”

“We look forward to collaborating with WaveMarket. Veriplace provides us the capability to location-enable our services quickly and easily,” said Chris Brandenburg, CTO of Millennial Media. “By creating a transparent and secure location aggregation platform that empowers end users with full privacy controls, Veriplace will facilitate valuable location-aware applications and we’re thrilled to be the first mobile advertising network to take advantage of this transformational location platform.”
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