NAVTEQ Expands Pedestrian Content to Major Urban Centers Across the Americas
True turn-by-turn navigation for pedestrians now available for more location-savvy consumers.
NAVTEQ has announced at CTIA Wireless 2009 that its market-leading pedestrian navigation product, NAVTEQ Discover Cities, now includes more than 30 major cities in the Americas. The expanded data set, in conjunction with the industry-leading NAVTEQ map, offers up to 53 pedestrian-specific attributes and a harmonized global specification to enable advanced pedestrian navigation, on par with turn-by-turn navigation experiences delivered in vehicle systems and applications.

NAVTEQ’s “feet-on-the-street” collection and verification methods produce an unrivaled set of features critical to pedestrian navigation that go well beyond just activating “pedestrian mode” on mobile devices. By including features such as paved pathways, walkways through parks and plazas, bridges, tunnels, sidewalks and crosswalks, pedestrians can experience a solution designed with their needs in mind. Furthermore, when the pedestrian consumer wants the option to use public transit, routes must be able to take into consideration the location of bus and rail stations/stops and their entrances/exits in relation to the pedestrian route as well as the train/bus network information, including transfer locations.

NAVTEQ Discover Cities leads the industry in quality, coverage, pedestrian attribution and its ability to work in concert with other NAVTEQ data products. For example, the data can enable applications to generate a variety of route options to help users make suitable choices for their needs – those pressed for time to catch a flight can determine if the fastest route is by car or is primarily leveraging public transit. In addition to powerful routing, NAVTEQ Discover Cities - along with other NAVTEQ data products - enables accurate orientation and guidance to further enhance the pedestrian experience. NAVTEQ’s visual content like 3D Landmarks and 3D City Models can help increase pedestrian confidence, while other POI-related content like Movie and Event Listings or travel guides can help users decide how and where to spend their leisure time.

“We continue to expand NAVTEQ Discover Cities coverage to help our customers meet the increasing demand for pedestrian navigation,” said Cindy Paulauskas, vice president of product management, Americas, NAVTEQ. “In today’s economic environment, urban consumers are walking and riding public transit more than ever; by some estimates, U.S. public transit systems will accommodate in excess of 17 million daily riders. Some of these riders are using public transit for the first time in years – and NAVTEQ Discover Cities can bridge that knowledge gap and help our customers quickly provide relevant applications and services.”
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