Airbiquity Expands Its Offering with Connected Services
Launch of Airbiquity Connected Services Delivers Cost-Effective and Flexible End-to-End Solutions for the Connected Car and PND Device.
Airbiquity has announced the expansion of the company’s portfolio to provide automotive and personal navigation device (PND) manufacturers with cost-effective, flexible and reliable eco-system of content and services. The expanded offering, Airbiquity Connected Services, centers around the company’s VIAaq managed services platform, with best-in-class applications and content. Combined with several connectivity solutions ranging from packet data, SMS and its flagship aqLink in-band modem, Airbiquity Connected Services delivers an end-to-end solution for in-car connectivity.

The flexibility of Airbiquity Connected Services solution means customized offerings can be implemented on both fully embedded wireless modules in cars and PND devices, or via a Bluetooth connection utilizing a user’s existing mobile phone to deliver a full array of services. This two-tier approach ensures a price point acceptable to both mass-market and premium segments.

Airbiquity makes it easy for automotive and PND customers to select not only the services they want to offer, but also their preferred providers to meet the exact needs of their customers. Customers can rely on Airbiquity to provide and deliver sought-after connectivity applications including voice and data-centric services such as live operator services for destination entry, services through interactive voice response systems, real-time traffic, local fuel prices, local weather information, local search of POIs and business listings, send-to-car applications and security services like SOS emergency service, roadside assistance and live car diagnostics, to name a few.

"The connected vehicle is becoming a reality for the mass market as technology offerings mature and companies focus on true customer value," said Thilo Koslowski, vice president and lead automotive analyst at Gartner, Inc. "Successful offerings will center on cost-effective technology solutions that leverage consumers' existing mobile devices and communication services to provide relevant, contextual information to drivers."

Airbiquity conducted comprehensive market research studies on which services drivers want and need, then used these in-depth consumer insights to build flexible service options that span Safety & Security, Maintenance & Care, Productivity & Efficiency, Luxury & Convenience as well as Entertainment & Fun categories, covering close to 50 individual services.

“The Airbiquity Connected Services offering is a natural progression for the company considering our reputation for providing telematics and managed services to the world’s leading automakers,” said Kamyar Moinzadeh, president and CEO of Airbiquity. “Providing automotive and PND clients with an end-to-end service offering that is cost-effective and easy to implement into their product lines is core to realizing our vision as the central player in the vehicle telematics and connected services value chain.”

For automakers looking to drive down costs, differentiate against the competition and ultimately increase profitability, Airbiquity, already with more than 10 million vehicles on the road, provides OEMs with a wide array of reliable, cost-effective two-way connectivity solutions and best-in-class applications and content.

Airbiquity Connected Services for automotive OEMs delivers both flexible and open solutions that enable choice in technology, partnerships and services for a truly differentiated telematics solution. Airbiquity can offer a variety of telematics service business models as the technology is compatible with existing in-car TCUs and can also use in-car Bluetooth solutions where the connectivity is provided by the driver’s own cell phone. With this model, OEMs can provide a full range of telematics services across a broader coverage area at a reduced overall cost of entry, rather than relying on more expensive and premium embedded wireless modules. By partnering with the best suppliers in each category, Airbiquity’s distributed framework for connected services enables the automotive OEMs to provide telematics services for their entire vehicle line-up.

Despite reaching mass-market appeal, PNDs have yet to deliver a connected device model at a price-point that encourages broad consumer adoption. Airbiquity Connected Services reignites the connected PND category by enabling manufacturers to deliver a rich and easy-to-use navigation experience without the traditional cost barriers.

Airbiquity believes that the connected PND is the next mass-market platform for the delivery of location-based content. The Airbiquity Connected Services model gives PND manufacturers the ability to seamlessly enable connectivity on their devices and deliver the contents and services their customers demand at a affordable cost. When connected to a user’s Bluetooth-enabled phone, the Airbiquity-enabled PND becomes a real-time, two-way connected device by sending encrypted information over the voice channel of any cellular network, thus eliminating the high cost of wireless connectivity or the need for monthly subscription plans.
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