Blaupunkt sold to German investment firm Aurelius
AURELIUS acquires and actively develops medium-sized companies and business units that no longer belong to the core business of their previous owners.

Last month Munich-based industrial holding company AURELIUS acquired the business from the Car Multimedia Division of Robert Bosch GmbH, better known under the brand name ‘Blaupunkt’.

“The trade and components business is planned to be managed as an independent company under the well-established traditional brand Blaupunkt and will be positioned as a specialist in the field of so-called car infotainment”, said a public statement. Apart from car radios and car hi-fi components the product range of Blaupunkt also comprises navigation devices (PND). In fiscal year 2008 the company achieved sales revenue of around EUR 200 million.

Bosch said it had been looking for a potential partner for Blaupunkt since the spring, as the company planned to expand into the new style of OEM radios for new cars. OEM radios used to be similar to consumer (aftermarket) car radios, but now have changed to stealth receivers buried in the dash that are linked to other car functions. Bosch said as it shifted over to the newer model of OEM products, it no longer had the resources to support both OEM and aftermarket radio technologies.

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