Sagem Orga and BlueSky Positioning first to bring A-GPS SIM to market
A new solution pave the way for GPS in handsets and devices.

Despite capturing the imagination of the global wireless industry, location-based services (LBS) have performed significantly below industry expectations for nearly 10 years. Even now the revenues from LBS are tiny compared to other next generation mobile services, and today’s growth rates are not promising. Sagem Orga and BlueSky Positioning believe that the key stumbling block to the success of LBS is that the positioning technologies have not been fit for purpose – technically or economically. The two broad technical approaches that can deliver the required accuracy demand either significant investment in networks by the mobile operator or the purchase of new handsets by the end user. Now a solution is being offered for the first time through the Sagem Orga and BlueSky Positioning partnership: the A-GPS SIM, enabling mobile operators to significantly increase the cost effectiveness of their services and size of their marketing target when launching new LBS. François Blanchard, Global Account Marketing Manager at Sagem Orga, said: "The SIM is entering a new era where it can now be considered as a real service platform and a valuable device; the A-GPS enabled SIM card will reshape the way SIM cards are perceived by MNOs and end-users.

“We’re delighted to be working with Sagem Orga to bring our exciting technology to market,” said Risto Savolainen, BlueSky Positioning’s CEO. “Since unveiling our technology concept to the world last year, mobile operators serving more than 1.8 billion subscribers have approached us to learn more. This announcement takes our patented technology out of the lab and puts it into the hands of millions of consumers around the world.”

Sagem Orga and BlueSky Positioning’s new approach incorporates a highly accurate GPS receiver and a proprietary antenna into the SIM card, enabling mobile operators to deploy both legally-mandated and commercial applications quickly and costeffectively for all mobile handsets, with no need for software or hardware changes. To make positioning even more accurate and user friendly, the A-GPS SIM uses assisted GPS data. The primary purpose of A-GPS SIM is to provide accurate positioning information of the phone to emergency services in case of an emergency call as required by E112 and E911 legislation in the EU and the U.S. respectively. In addition to this, it can
support generic location-based services such as navigation, ‘find a place or person’ services, location-aware games, and many more. This technology partnership with BlueSky Positioning is an excellent example of Sagem Orga’s Partner Program strategy. The Partner Program aims to identify and collaborate with third parties capable of enhancing the product portfolio offering to network operators. Continually finding the right solutions externally and assisting in bringing them to market has become a crucial part of supplying SIMs and USIMs to network operators.

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