Telematics is becoming a hot topic in China
In 2009, GM OnStar and Toyota G-BOOK will officially launch Telematics services in China.

Three years ago, Telematics was rarely known in China, but now it has become a hot topic in the industry. In 2009, GM OnStar and Toyota G-BOOK will officially launch Telematics services in China. Just like other mainstream auto brands, the two players can do well in auto manufacturing and sales. However, when it comes to provide Telematics services in China, it is a different case. Just like boxing champion Muhammad Ali bolding to come to China for martial arts competition – the game rules and play tactics are totally different. To promote the services in a new market, automakers have to seek local partners, and they often face a lot of challenges about new business models and new service demands derived from different state conditions. While the world is watching the two players’ Telematics move in China, industry insiders are pondering on the following:

* What’s the difference between the Chinese Telematics policy and law environment and the international market?

* How should OEMs choose local partners and TCU/Navi suppliers?

* How should independent TSPs serve Chinese automakers?

* What role do Chinese wireless carriers play in the Telematics industry?

* Before international players enter the China market and formulate business models, how should they deal with the challenges of different state conditions and cultures?

* What Telematics services are most needed by Chinese people? Navigation and traffic information services? E-call based on Chinese PSAP?

* What’s the status quo and future trend of China’s traffic information services? TMC or VICS?

* How to select reliable traffic information service providers in China?

On the occasion of the Chinese auto industry’s celebration of the 30th anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-up, SAE-China elaborately designs and organizes the summit forum Telematics@China, and sincerely invite its member companies as well as domestic and overseas professionals to give precious suggestions for Chinese Telematics and talk over the development of the industry.

More information about the event is here

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