TruePosition Now Locates More Than Five Million Wireless 911 Calls per Month
U-TDOA is working indoors and when handsets are not GPS enabled.
TruePosition announced that this year its emergency call location solution has located an average of more than five million 911 calls per month in the United States. The milestone is the equivalent of more than 165,000 calls per day.

Since 2001, TruePosition has provided life-saving location solutions to hundreds of millions of wireless users across the country. The TruePosition emergency call location solution, which uses a sophisticated technology called Uplink Time Difference of Arrival (U-TDOA), is deployed nationwide in the AT&T and T-Mobile networks, as well as in geographies served by several Tier II and Tier III operators. TruePosition’s U-TDOA technology meets the requirements of the Federal Communications Commission’s Phase II Enhanced-911 mandate. This regulation requires operators using network-based location techniques to provide location accuracy within 100 meters for 67 percent of calls and 300 meters for 95 percent of calls.

TruePosition offers a comprehensive set of location technologies that includes U-TDOA. This high-performance location technology, which meets FCC requirements, relies on triangulation using cell towers and provides consistent high-accuracy location results for any phone in any environment—indoors, in-vehicle, urban, suburban, or rural. This capability is crucial for identifying the location of 911 callers everywhere and for finding callers who could be phoning with a handset that is not GPS-enabled.

“TruePosition recognizes the importance of delivering fast, consistent, and accurate location information to emergency responders for all 911 calls and is proud to play a significant part in helping to save lives every day,” said Stephen Stuut, TruePosition CEO. “Locating more than five million calls per month is an important milestone. This benchmark reflects the TruePosition commitment to delivering powerful, reliable location technology for emergency call solutions worldwide.”
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