Eniro selects Appello to provide Mobile Local Search, Mapping and Navigation solution
Eniro launches Gule Sider 1880 Navigation, a new mobile service based on Appello’s GPS navigation platform WISEPILOT.
Appello Systems, a leader in online mobile navigation and Eniro Norway establish partnership around mobile mapping, local search and GPS navigation. Eniro launches Gule Sider 1880 Navigation, a new mobile service based on Appello’s multiple award-winning GPS navigation platform WISEPILOT.

“We continue to break new ground and we are excited about our partnership with Eniro in Norway. We are entering a new geographical market and opening a new segment of the industry by working directly with a national leading directory search company.” comments Peter Tyreholt, Head of Account Management at Appello. “Gule Sider is a very strong brand for mapping and local search on the web and together we enable the natural next step by extending their presence with mobile local search and GPS navigation.” continues Peter Tyreholt.

“Gule Sider 1880 is now launching a completely new GPS application for mobile phones. The navigation service helps users find their way to destinations both in Norway and abroad – hotels, restaurants, private addresses and more. The service is easy to use and truly demonstrates the potential of our directories combined with excellent maps and navigation from Appello. We are confident that many people will use Gule Sider 1880 on their mobiles,” says Tommi Larsen, Mobile Manager at Eniro.

Gule Sider 1880 Navigation is a service for mobile phones with easy to use local search, mapping and navigation. It helps users find their way to places, people, and companies. Search for nearby places of interest in Gule Sider and get phone numbers, addresses, maps, weather forecasts, driving directions and much more. The application will initially be distributed via Eniro’s web portal, Gule Sider (, the most used directory search and mapping portal in Norway with more than 5.5 million unique visitors per month. Gule Sider 1880 Navigation is fully integrated to all Norwegian telecom operators, which enables users to easily subscribe to the service daily or monthly with just a few clicks on their mobile phone. The service also includes quarterly map updates from leading map data provider Tele Atlas.
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