Free navigation app available from French wireless operator Bouygues
Advertising can become the revenue model for applications such as navigation.
Maporama International has launched ‘Drive Me Spot’, a free off-board Java navigation application for mobile phones that has been available from the i-mode portal of the French wireless operator Bouygues Telecom since June 5. Bouygues is a French wireless operator with 8.7 million subscribers.

Drive Me Spot is based on amAze, a navigation software developed by LocatioNet. Drive Me Spot is running on a large number of phones from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony-Ericsson, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile devices. Drive Me Spot is a fully fledged navigation application offering detailed maps for Europe, North America, Australia, parts of Africa and Asia, satellite and aerial images, and hybrid map display, as well as worldwide weather forecasts, local search and voice guidance.

The business model of this free application is based on advertising: in exchange, the sponsor brand uses idle times in the application to highlight promotions and loyalty offers. Users are informed in real time of the last promotion and can interact with the advertiser through several modes: calling a pre-selected phone number, accessing to the list of point of sales, or to be guided to the nearest point of sales.

While this application is not branded "Bouygues", it is however the first time such a free application is available from a wireless operator.
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