Tele Atlas Selected by DENSO CORPORATION
Alliance with DENSO Extended to Deliver Digital Maps of North America for Systems Deployed by Leading Automobile Manufacturers.
Tele Atlas has announced it has signed an agreement to extend its relationship with DENSO CORPORATION to power its in-vehicle navigation systems in North America.

The announcement marks the continued strength in Tele Atlas’s successful relationship with DENSO, which began in 2000. Through the agreement, DENSO’s advanced navigation systems, which are deployed in major automobile manufacturer vehicles, will rely on Tele Atlas digital maps and content for North America.

“By combining our innovative map products and processes with the automotive technological expertise of DENSO, we are able to help deliver industry-leading car navigation systems that offer highly advanced information and communication terminals with a range new services for consumers,” said Jonathon Husby, Vice President of Automotive, Telematics and Transportation, Tele Atlas. “We’re excited to expand our longstanding relationship with DENSO and look forward to collaborating on future opportunities to further support their navigation initiatives.”
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