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The solution is based on Carmenta’s map engine Carmenta Server., one of Sweden’s largest catalogue services, providing number and address presentation, has seen a growing need to provide new modern, map-based services. The new services set ever-increasing demands on performance, functionality and accessibility. Carmenta has therefore been appointed supplier of the technology for’s new map service.

The solution is based on Carmenta’s map engine Carmenta Server and was put into operation during April 2008. Included in the contract, in addition to product deliveries, are also services for the handling of map and satellite data as well as integration with’s services.

“With Carmenta Server, we are getting a modern map solution well-adapted to today's and tomorrow's needs. We need a supplier that can keep up with our high tempo and that can quickly deliver new functionalities and services. We are convinced that Carmenta fulfils these demands,” says Rui Brites de Sousa, CEO of

Carmenta Server is a map engine designed for public web portals with high volumes and high demands on operational safety and accessibility. With Carmenta Server you can combine map data from various different sources with dynamic real-time information for presentation in a single map image. Modern AJAX technology is used to provide a flexible, dynamic and fast user interface.

“We are very pleased that has chosen Carmenta to be their new supplier. During the past year, we have had major success with our web-based map solutions. The fact that, one of Sweden’s leading catalogue services providing number and address presentation, is now choosing Carmenta’s map technology is confirmation that we have been investing in the right areas. We are looking forward to a cooperation that will strengthen both companies,” says Gunnar Storm, CEO of Carmenta.
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