Microsoft Extends Contract with Mobile Commerce to Provide Location-Based Services for MSN Mobile
The MSN Mobile service features a range of art, entertainment and business listing content.
Microsoft today announced plans to extend its contract with the award winning UK company, Mobile Commerce, to continue providing RoundTown, MSN’s branded mobile location-based service.

RoundTown is a mobile search service which allows users of any internet-enabled mobile phone to access a comprehensive range of location based information.

The MSN Mobile service features a range of art, entertainment and business listing content from partners such as TopTable, the Press Association and Multimap. Users are able to locate, find and secure bookings for a variety of events and services: everything from booking a restaurant table to reading a gig review or even finding a hotel room or nearest cash point.

The service also integrates with ScreenTonic’s ad server allowing MSN to monetise the service with both banners and sponsored links.

Hugh Davies, Head of Mobile at Microsoft, commented, “Location based services are central to our mobile internet strategy. With mobile handsets becoming ever more technically advanced, our users expect the depth of content and experience on mobile to replicate that of the traditional PC based internet. We are committed to providing our users with the very best mobile internet experience and are pleased to be working alongside Mobile Commerce on RoundTown as their expertise in this area remains unmatched”.

Steve Page, CEO of Mobile Commerce added, “We are delighted to be able to continue working with Microsoft on RoundTown and look forward to building on the success that together we’ve already made in location-based services.”
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