Redknee Introduces Enhanced Location Services Upgrade
The Redknee ELS 6.0 integrates commercial and emergency location-based services into one platform.
Redknee has announced the availability of Enhanced Location Services (ELS) 6.0. This integration of commercial and emergency location based services into one platform enables operators not only to address regulatory requirements for emergency services, but also to deliver new location based services for both consumer and business subscribers at a substantially reduced cost.

According to recent research, worldwide subscribers to location based communications services on mobile devices are expected to increase approximately 170 percent in 2008, while revenue is expected to grow equally as fast. The ELS 6.0 solution equips operators with the tools required to meet a growing demand for location based services while realizing faster time-to-market and measurable return-on-investment.

Tier 1 US operators are able to significantly reduce the capital and operating expenses associated with their location based services deployments using Redknee’s ELS solution. At one such installation, ELS not only increases the operator’s return-on-investment by enabling both commercial and emergency location services, it also delivers increased reliability through a multi-site redundant deployment.

“Operators are realizing the potential benefits of extending their initial location services investment to maximize revenue-generating opportunities by enabling the delivery of new and innovative third party applications and services,” said Lucas Skoczkowski, CEO at Redknee. “Through its real-time access to location data, Redknee’s ELS solution provides operators with one platform to address emergency service requirements while at the same time providing a standards-based platform for enabling commercial location services.”

The Redknee ELS solution abstracts location information and securely manages interactions between location based applications and a mobile user’s location information. ELS enables operators to offer more secure and more personalized location based services to mobile customers while reducing new service integration timelines and improving time to market.

In addition to investment savings, operators can benefit from a number of product feature improvements in ELS 6.0 related to reporting and advanced privacy functions:

* Reporting: Enhanced email reports, generated when provisioning activities are performed.

* Privacy: Advanced privacy features to protect subscribers by providing location in a controlled manner to an ecosystem of third party applications and services.
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