Navento Launches GeoPing to the Global Market
GeoPing is a simple and fun application that allows users to let friends know where they are, and what they are doing.
Navento US, the North American subsidiary of Navento has announced the global launch of GeoPing, an innovative location tracking and sharing application developed for the consumer market.

GeoPing is a simple and fun application that allows users to let friends know where they are, and what they are doing. The initial release of GeoPing is compatible with Facebook, and other social networks will be added in future releases. GeoPing now adds a new form of entertainment to the social networking market.

"Every day millions of users enjoy posting and updating their status, and following their friends on social communities such as Facebook or Twitter," said Jorge Mata, Avanzit board member and President of the Naverggi investment unit. "Until now, social networks have let users know about the 'what,' but not the 'where.' Now, users can update their status and location."

Social networks have been the big internet winners in 2008, as tens of millions of people use networks like Facebook or MySpace. These networks have become the darlings of the high-tech investments, and have become forerunners of large market valuations after Microsoft's investment in Facebook late last year.

The release of GeoPing marks the first time Navento US will make its breakthrough GPS and LBS services available as an entertaining mass tracking and sharing mobile service, to the online social networks.

Navento US aims to make its location products work not only with mobile phones, but also with location and tracking devices. Navento is the only provider in the online location market that conducts R&D, and produces location and tracking devices on its world-wide location services (LBS) platform. And now, through the US affiliate, Navento has an online social networking location tracking widgets arm. "Navento US has a tremendous advantage over its rivals as it has direct access to state-of-the-art location and tracking information and technology, within the organization," said Mata.

"Consumers want the freedom to be able to choose a social network that adapts to their preference and lifestyle, and they want to be able to connect to the network with their devices no matter where they are," said Ramón Fernández, CEO of Navento.

Users can register for the GeoPing application in Facebook using just their email account and mobile phone number. Once registered, users will receive a mobile text message that will direct them to download the GeoPing application to their mobile phones and can start using the tracking service immediately. GeoPing currently supports Nokia GPS-enabled phones and Facebook, and additional GPS phones and social networks will be supported in upcoming releases.
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