TeleNav Unveils New GPS Tracking Service
TeleNav Vehicle Tracker uses an embedded GPS modem to provide vehicle location, historical reporting, geofencing, mileage and more.
TeleNav today announced the addition of TeleNav Vehicle Tracker to its Mobile Resource Management product line.

The product, a GPS-enabled "black box" which is hard-wired or embedded onto a vehicle battery, provides companies of all sizes a hassle-free method for monitoring and managing their fleets. Once installed, TeleNav Vehicle Tracker remains powered and active without requiring any additional interaction.

Using the service, managers can log onto, a secure and password-protected Web site, to acquire the near-real time location of each vehicle. The Web site also provides detailed historical reports which can help a company analyze past fleet performance to improve productivity and reduce operational costs. If employees violate company policies for vehicle speed, stop time or stop location, managers receive a real-time notification from the TeleNav Track Web site in the form of an email and SMS to their mobile phone. TeleNav Vehicle Tracker can also be setup to alert managers if the power source has become disconnected or otherwise tampered with. Additionally, TeleNav Vehicle Tracker captures the daily, state-by-state mileage of each mobile asset.

"Many organizations need solutions which can help manage their vehicles and mobile assets without the aggravation of adopting complicated new systems or investing in major hardware or maintenance costs," said HP Jin, president, CEO and co-founder of TeleNav. "With TeleNav Vehicle Tracker, we have developed a tamper-resistant solution which is easy-to-use, improves productivity, reduces operational costs, improves driver safety and increases security. Companies with these types of services typically see positive ROI in a short period of time."

TeleNav Vehicle Tracker is available immediately. Hardware and installation costs vary based on the order quantity. The monthly service fee is only $15.99 per vehicle. Companies also pay a one-time setup fee of $19.99 per activation and need to have a carrier data plan.
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