Sanef consolidates its two subsidiaries - Webraska and masternaut
Synergies to be expected from the consolidation.
At the end of December, the Sanef Group merged its two subsidiary companies, Webraska and masternaut, to keep only one and same legal entity. The corporate name of the entity is masternaut and Webraska is preserved as trade mark. The underlying reasons for the merger are the complementarities between the two companies. Already in April 2007, Sanef Group acquired Webraska with the objective to create a telematic mobility unit of European dimension.

In terms of the existing complementarities between the two entities and with obvious synergies resulting from this operation, this first step is concluded. The operation will allow consolidating the respective competences of the two companies as regards to administration, human resources but also in many other fields like R&D and server resources.

Other post-merger economies of scale are realized in the purchase of equipment, marketing and the communication.

The new entity already achieved an economic equilibrium in 2007, with an estimated turnover over 9 months (April at December) exceeding 24 M€ and a balanced operating income. The outlook 2008 enables the new entity to follow masternaut's tendency rate of profit.
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