Tele Atlas Unveils 3D City Maps for North America
Tele Atlas is enhancing their map data for navigation with 3D features.
Tele Atlas will showcase its 3D (three dimensional) digital maps and content at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008 (CES). Demonstrating continued commitment to innovation in display enhancements worldwide, the company will make available the first Tele Atlas 3D City Maps for North America for use in navigation systems and location-based applications in the second quarter of 2008. The first North American cities available will be Los Angeles, New York City and Toronto.

With 3D capabilities, screen images on in-car and portable navigation systems and local search applications on mobile devices more closely match what users actually see in their surroundings. Developers can leverage highly detailed Tele Atlas 3D City Maps, landmarks and elevation models to add recognizable building and landscape representations that enhance end users’ navigation experiences. The Tele Atlas 3D City Maps available in 2008 will feature complete, textured 3D city centers and unique 3D landmarks of notable structures such as United Nations Headquarters in New York City, the CN Tower in Toronto and the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles.

“Digital maps are evolving from 2D to more realistic, content-rich maps, with 3D imagery and ever more useful content, such as points of interest (POIs), dynamic content and enhanced visual displays, that provide users a more tangible navigation experience,” said Bart Tuyteleers, senior product manager, Tele Atlas. “With the expansion of Tele Atlas 3D City Maps for North America and our additional advanced display technologies, we will further help our partners to differentiate their product offerings and provide more enhanced navigation experiences.”

Tele Atlas 3D innovations are available in partner devices, including:

* HP iPAQ Travel Companion 310 in North America, which includes Tele Atlas 3D Landmarks.

* Mio C620, a newly launched device that features Tele Atlas Digital Elevation Model and hundreds of Tele Atlas 3D Landmarks in Europe.

* Pioneer AVIC-HD3BT in Europe, which was the first commercial navigation system to include Tele Atlas 3D Landmarks.

* The Sony PSP Go!Explore (scheduled for launch in 2008 in Europe), which will feature Tele Atlas 3D City Maps, as well as hundreds of 3D landmarks.

The North American 3D City Maps complement Tele Atlas’ existing global 3D offerings, which have been available since early 2006 and include: 

* 3D Landmarks: Launched in 2006, Tele Atlas currently markets more than 1,000 notable landmarks in 30 European cities, more than 450 in 14 North American cities, and 200 in Asia. By the second quarter of 2008, Tele Atlas plans to make available more than 1,800 landmarks in Europe and more than 1,400 landmarks in North America.

* 3D City Maps: The first Tele Atlas 3D City Maps were released in July 2007. Following the release of major European cities including Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Paris and Rome, Tele Atlas will expand this offering with additional cities in Europe as well as North America and Asia.

* 3D Elevation Models: Designed to help deliver an unprecedented level of image quality, with displays able to show highly realistic landscapes with contours at scales up to 1:50,000, the Tele Atlas 3D Elevation Models help users better orient themselves with a visual experience that depicts geographic elevations. The 3D Elevation Models are currently available for Europe and North America, as well as for key countries in Asia Pacific.

Tele Atlas’ innovative visual content offerings will continue to expand in 2008. Continuing to work closely together with industry partners as well as expanding the Technology Center in Shanghai, Tele Atlas plans to produce additional enhancements designed to help make navigation systems clear and compelling to end users such as 3D landmarks, 3D City Maps and junction views. Notably, the Center, which launched in September 2007, recently delivered 200 3D landmarks for the Asia Pacific region, demonstrating the Company’s global commitment to providing content that enables its partners to enhance their products and applications.
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