Polaris Wireless Deploys Network Optimization Product for Wireless Carrier Market
Network optimization technology using location information allows wireless carriers to proactively manage network performance to enhance consumer satisfaction.
Polaris Wireless has announced the availability of its Network Optimization (NetOpt) product for the global wireless carrier market. NetOpt offers the industry’s most accurate location-based network monitoring and software analysis tools for wireless networks. The product allows carriers to proactively location tag and analyze actual traffic from UMTS and GSM networks, in order to achieve optimum wireless performance and provide superior accuracy for revenue-generating location-based services (LBS).

The software-based NetOpt product uses geographical location tagged network traffic data to provide information about call density and distribution, coverage holes, dropped calls, handover failures and voice quality. The product provides analysis on root causes of call
disruption, such as interference or inappropriate network parameter settings. With this information, carriers are able to proactively and quickly address network issues rather than following the traditional model of dispatching network engineers into the field or relying on
customers to notify them, which can be a slow, inefficient and costly process. The graphical displays generated by NetOpt give carriers the ability to efficiently allocate resources to meet customer demand, providing a key competitive advantage and increased revenue opportunity.

“As carriers are increasingly looking for ways to contain costs and increase ARPU with new data services, our NetOpt product provides essential and focused insights into network performance issues, enabling rapid and more accurate decision making. It builds on our deep expertise of providing high accuracy location for E911 using a software only solution,” said Manlio Allegra, CEO of Polaris Wireless.

The NetOpt product takes advantage of Polaris Wireless’ existing Wireless Location Signatures (WLSTM) platform, which currently provides carriers the ability to run a host of applications including E911 (enhanced 911), location-based services (LBS), as well as network optimization. Specifically, the WLS platform provides increased levels of accuracy mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for E911 services, which locates 100 percent of calls on 2G and 3G networks, and also enables location-based services, such as ChildFinder, zone-based billing and mobile advertising. For example, the detailed information NetOpt provides about call activity and location enables marketers to deliver more relevant content to mobile phone subscribers. In this way, location-based services can generate higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue through increased data usage.
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